Andrew Pizzello M.S., CPA

Andrew is an experienced accounting and tax professional who believes that a CPA should have interaction with the clients they work for at all stages of the engagement.  This means that Andrew makes himself available for the initial phone or email consultation and throughout the entire working relationship.  Some assign staff accountants or contract workers to complete a sizeable portion of their work.  While these individuals are likely to have the competency and experience necessary to complete the component(s) assigned to them, this does not mean that they should serve as a replacement for the person ultimately responsible for the engagement.  Andrew believes in providing turnkey CPA services at non-CPA prices and strives to ensure that this value is applied to everything that PizzelloCPA does.

Andrew prefers to keep PizzelloCPA as lean of an operation as possible.  This form of operation allows clients to work one-on-one with Andrew.  In addition, the savings from low overhead costs is passed on to clients.  Andrew utilizes assistance when necessary; however, all significant engagement work is performed by Andrew.

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